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Gonzales, Rickey – Concepcion



This book beautifully addresses a question I had over the past summer: how many religious people have actually read the whole Bible? I managed it, thanks to taking some time off of work this summer, and merciful Minerva what a mess that was. This is the story of a woman who is getting older and is losing all the people around her so, in an attempt to comfort herself, reads the Bible. She sees that God, as portrayed in the good book, is more than a little bit of a prick. As such she starts to question all of her assumptions about death and the afterlife, and this comic tracks her as she takes a shower and tries to sort it all out. I thought it was fantastic, as I always love seeing religion as a whole intelligently discussed like this. And really, whatever your beliefs are, that’s fine, it’s your life. But if anybody could tell me how the story of Job as it’s written isn’t God being a vindictive jerk just to impress Satan, of all “people”, well… $2