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Crum, Kel – Cornelia Cartoonz #7


Cornelia Cartoonz #7

Now this one was funny! Who knows what kind of mood I was in for the other review, or maybe it was just so-so. Whatever the case, I liked this one. Funny, which is always a good thing, and if I’m not mistaken his art has gotten better since that other issue. Three stories in this one. The first one is Cornelia dealing with art school and artists in general, the second is a shortie about a fictional movie, and the last one is Cornelia trying to get her job back at Smallmart (seriously, independent cartoonists, just call it Walmart if you’re going to parody it. It’s not like the CEO of Walmart reads something with a print run in the hundreds, and even if they did I REALLY doubt if they would sue you). She sends in a friend to try and convince the manager, she’s an attractive woman, he’s a sleazy man, hilarity ensues! Here’s an e-mail address in case that one up there is outdated, this is only $1, check it out!