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McKenna, Dave – Cosmo Straighter #3


Cosmo Straighter #3

Do you have an encyclopedic knowledge of all past small press comics stories and creators, no matter which anthology said stories appeared in?  If so, you’re going to find this issue of Cosmo Straighter (I love how Dave just gave up completely on keeping any kind of uniform spelling of the title) a bit disappointing.  There are four stories in here, two of which have already been collected (in Mauled #1 and Legal Action Comics Volume 2.  And, really, those are the big ones, with the other pieces being only a page long, and I even ruined that a bit by using one of them for the sample.  The other page defies description, so I’ll leave it as a surprise for people who find this comic.  Still, if you haven’t read those two anthologies mentioned, or even if you have and have forgotten them, the two big stories in here are fantastic.  First up is “Meet Komo…”, the story of Sharon Stone using her influence to get her husband in to see a komodo dragon at a zoo and him needing major reconstructive surgery when all was said and done.  Pop culture stuff like that often flies right out of my brain, and I had forgotten all about that incident and the mockery that followed.  The other story is one I remember clearly from Legal Action Comics Volume 2, and it deals with the “real life” story of an actress who was hired to deal with a real life King Kong in the 30’s… sort of.  If you haven’t seen it, again, there’s no sense in me spoiling the surprise.  And as those two anthologies mentioned came out many years ago, maybe you haven’t seen anything here and it’s all new to you, in which case you should buy it immediately.  If nothing else you get that cover out of the deal, and you really need to embiggen that image and soak it all in.  And if you can’t find a copy of this anywhere, at least it’ll be available in this rental scheme I’m working on… $1