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Williams, Tom – Crash Comics #7


Crash Comics #7

Hm, wonder how long ago I wrote that “a week or so” comment regarding this series. Hey, give or take a year, I was right on. This is a complete departure from the other book that I had read, and it’s nicely done. This is a wacky, slapstick bunch of stories about evil children who feed babies to dogs, walk a man around on a leash, trick Death, pimp out grade school girls, and get ripped in half. If you don’t think you’d find any of that funny, well, maybe you shouldn’t read this book. Here, check out the sample.

Look like the kind of thing you’d be into? Because if the answer is yes you’re going to be thrilled with this, if it’s no there’s a lot more of the same in this issue. I’m really curious now to see what this series is all about, as I’ve seen two drastically different comic styles so far. Contact info is up there, or you could just go to The Laughing Ogre if you’re around Columbus like me…

Williams, Tom – Crash Comics #6


Crash Comics #6

Ah yes, the dreaded “it’s still in print but you’re not going to have any idea what’s going on” comic. I think my love for the work of this man is well documented throughout this page, so for this particular comic, I’ll just come right out and say it: without a synopsis of some kind this is damned near indecipherable, something useful only for those people who like pretty pictures alone and/or future comic historians, after Mr. Williams becomes famous. The second story in this book, the bulk of the comic, is part 6 in a series and, with the first five issues out of print… well, good luck with that. It involves telepathically controlled giant fish monsters, a centaur professor, Amazons, a man who can’t die, and Atlanteen guards who ride around on telepathically controlled air bubbles. Right around the time things start coming together even a little bit, the story is over. This is an odd complaint, I know, as anybody reading this in 1999 was probably very happy with it, but this is 2008, and I’m at sea over here. The first part of the comic was great, dealing with the Amish, sudden parental death and living in denial, so it’s not like the comic is all bad. Hell, even the parts that were over my head were still gorgeous. Maybe a little raw compared to his later work, but hey, this comic is early days for him. So if you’re already a huge fan of the man and can’t get enough, it’s worth picking this up, but if you’re just here to see what’s worth getting from him, I’d start with Misa By or any of the last three books on this page and work your way up. $2