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Kiersh, Dave – Dave K Greatest Hits


Dave K Greatest Hits

How many people out there have a hard time keeping up with Dave’s work? Probably quite a few of you, unless you spend many hours keeping it all in order. What with all the minis, some of them available here, some of them available there, and all the various one page stories in anthologies all over the place. Well, lucky for you Dave put out a book of his “greatest hits” from the last 5 years. All kinds of stuff I’d never seen, and I try to keep close track of his stuff. Sketchbook-like pages with incredible, minute detail of various scenes and all kinds of one page stories dealing with stealing, staying home on a Saturday night, spying, kissing, hanging out at an all night supermarket, dancing, driving, rocket skates, being stuck on a bus, and going out. You know, all the things that make life important and some other things thrown in. This is available at the Highwater website for $5. I just went there for the sake of this review and boy do they have all kinds of great mini comics. They even have all the old Tom Hart books! Sorry, went off on a tangent. OK, everybody who’s read anything on this page knows that I think Dave can do very little wrong, but if you didn’t want to mess with getting all kinds of minis and just wanted one book, well, you’re silly to begin with, but this is a great place to start. I defy anyone to read this without wanting to see more. Contact info is all over the place, I’m sure you can find it…