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Heatley, David – Deadpan #1


Deadpan #1

If anybody out there is keeping score, Chicago has a solid bunch of folks making comics. This is another great one from Chicago Comics. A bit expensive at $3, true, but it’s nicely put together. Two stories in here. One is about David’s family and his experiences following a relative’s death, one is about two people that David has dealings with. Vague enough for you? Good. Both stories were great, although I thought the mixing of the two people in the second story could have been done a little bit better. Not that you’re going to have the slightest idea of what I’m talking about unless you’ve read the story, but I thought it was flawless right up until the last page. As for the art, I don’t know what he uses for shading, but it gives the book a distinctive feel. It almost looks painted and then shrunk, I don’t know. Well worth the $3, and here’s hoping that there’s more out there soon. Website!

Kiersh, Dave – Last Cry For Help #3


Last Cry For Help #3

I should almost put this on the Various page because so many people contributed to this one, but eh. It’s mostly Dave and Souther Salazar, as always, but there are also a bunch of other people with contributions of varying size: Saelee Oh, Dan Moynihan, David Heatley, Ron Rege Jr., Todd Webb, Rachel Sumpter and Daria Tessler. It’s 38 pages and Dave and/or Souther still have something to do with 75% of it or so, but the sheer number of artists makes this book much more diverse than the other issues. It’s almost jarring when you get to the 11 page strip by Dave towards the end of the book; looking at the same art for that long doesn’t seem right. The only consistent underlying theme I could find here was the visual poetry that went into every story. The words were universally beautiful, sometimes the art wasn’t, but it was never less then pretty good and it really didn’t matter once you got the messages of the individual stories. I can’t imagine that I have to “sell” the work of these two to anybody, but if I do, this is only $2 and is a great showcase for a lot of cartoonists, with long enough stories so that you can still feel like you got your “fix” of Souther and Dave. I’m sure it’s up on the Catastrophe page, buy it already…