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Barrett, Pat – Oak and Linden #4 – Dental Damned!!


Oak and Linden #4 – Dental Damned!!

If you’re at all squeamish about dentists, run for your lives! Well, maybe that level of panic is not warranted about a comic that nobody is forcing you to read, but if you get a bit green around the gills at any mention of dental work then this thing will scare the crap out of you/force you into your underground bunker. This is the story of Baby Pat (which is maybe supposed to represent regular Pat the creator) as he goes about his day. He’s missing a tooth, so all sorts of people he meets along the way want to learn what happened to the guy. He tells each of them a different story, each more manly and impressive than the last, until he eventually runs into a guy who cannot be snowed: his dentist. This is not the gentle, careful dentist that you might tell your kids about to get them to go get their teeth cleaned. This guy carries a grudge and does not suffer fools lightly. I’d be a jerk if I described the story any further, but a lesson was definitely taught to that lying young man. This is the first of a whole bundle of comics that Pat sent me (well, the first that I’m reviewing anyway) and I’m excited to see more. The art is a pleasing blend of classic cartoons with a smidge here and there of some of the great underground artists, but all very clearly his own style. Baby Pat’s beatific face as he gets ready to tell his story to the mail carrier, or how his posture changes between approaching the dentist’s office and seeing the dentist, and really the entire encounter with the dentist, were all things of beauty. We’re all going to be seeing a lot more from the students of The Center for Cartoon Studies in the days to come and, based on what I’ve seen so far, we’re all in for a treat. And it’s in full color for a measly $2!