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Latta, Josh – Rashy Rabbit #7: Droppin’ Anchor


Rashy Rabbit #7: Droppin’ Anchor

I have to give Josh some serious credit. I really didn’t think that a series about a foul-mouthed rabbit (named “Rashy Rabbit” of all things) would be able to last. Or, if it did last, that Josh could keep it interesting. It seemed like your standard one note premise, something that would be fun for a few issues and then get old. Then a funny thing happened: character development. Oh sure, it was there to see from the beginning, but Josh is still clearly trying to make single issues accessible to new readers (which is my guess for why the numbers stopped appearing on the covers a few issues ago) and that’s a delicate balance to keep up. Well, he’s done it. This issue starts off with Rashy falling out with his girlfriend. She wants him to grow up, so he sets out to sea to become a man. Meanwhile, Benny tries to horn in on the situation, with the ex offering plenty of resistance. This wouldn’t be a Rashy Rabbit comic if crazy shit didn’t start happening at this point, so we get mermaids and a strange land where nobody ever ages. But Rashy, what with his improvements to becoming a man, isn’t content to spend eternity surrounded by half-naked mermaids who haven’t seen a man in years. No, he’s mostly concerned with getting back with his ex and setting things right. Still, Josh had plenty of chances to screw up the ending, and he navigated all of it to end up with a very satisfying and funny comic. With hints of more character development to come! I’m impressed with how this comic has matured over the years while still holding onto what made it great to begin with. If you’re a delicate flower and have been holding off on checking it out because of the title, well, I think it’s time to lighten up a bit. $4