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Tolento, Mike – Empty Life #15


Empty Life #15

You guys were probably starting to wonder if I liked everything Mike sent me. Well, no, not exactly. This is a wordless story about camping and alien abduction. I was liking this a lot right up until the point where the alien ship took him away, then it just kind of fell apart for me. It’s part one of a story, so it’s possible that the next part could change my mind about this one, but it doesn’t look like he’s going to be doing another one any time soon. That’s what the website tells me, anyway. Like I said, it might change if it’s all one story, but right now… ah, you know what? I think Mike has earned the benefit of the doubt. I loved his story in Castration, I’ve never seen anything like #14 that wasn’t terrible (and that was far from terrible), so I’m going to let him finish this story before I talk shit about it. Does that mean I’m fired from my job as reviewer? Look upon my wishy-washiness, oh people, and despair! $2

Tolento, Mike – Empty Life #14


Empty Life #14

Mike has created a new form of comics called Hypotheticomics (which is a fucking fantastic name, by the way). He basically wrote the captions in what he calls a “free associative blitz”, then drew the pictures the same way, and he had his comic. It’s completely impossible to review something like this in any kind of conventional sense, so I’ll just tell you that I liked it. If I get the scanner I’m bidding on now I’ll have some panels up soon so you guys can see what I’m talking about. Right now all I can say is that this is unlike anything you’ve seen. Well, anything I’ve seen, anyway. There are a couple of tiny stories at the end too, but by then you’ll already either by won over or you’ll have thrown the book across the room. $2