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Craig, Toby – Engine #5


Engine #5

Do you like comics about robots fighting? Are you tired of comics with too much of a coherent storyline? Then you should check this out. Maybe I just missed it, but it kind of looked like a robot was fighting a bunch of other robots to try and find an arm that would help him out for some reason. It looks good, the fighting is just cool in places, but I’m not going to lie to you and say that I had much of an idea what was going on here. If that’s not that big of a deal to you then, by all means, check this book out. There’s also another story, this one clearly about a couple of guys who find a job testing robots and that, strangely enough, also turns out to be a giant battle involving robots. It’s drawn by Todd Gail and is fun, like the rest of the book, and that’s plenty to recommend it in my book. It makes no apologies for what it is, so there you go. Contact info is up there, it’s $3 and it’s random, fun mayhem.

Craig, Toby – Engine #6: Stone Cold Fish


Engine! #6: Stone Cold Fish

A comic made on a computer? What’s this world coming to? Seriously, if he didn’t mention how he did the art in the back of the comic I never would have known, so obviously it’s not that big of a deal. This is a story of loneliness and regret, about a man who’s getting prank phone calls and is depressed because he’s afraid that he should talk to that person more just to get some human contact. It’s a sad tale, sure, but it works well and there are a few pages of really great dialogue in the middle of the silent pages. Check out the website, it’s worth a couple of bucks to check out the issue if you’re looking for a synopsis of a wasted relationship. Looks like he’s done cheerier things too, at least judging from the descriptions of his other comics…