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Wilkison, B. – Ex-T (with Nik Havert & J.C. Filer)


Ex-T (with Nik Havert and/or J.C. Filer)

People of the small press comics world, take note: listing the people responsible for the book in such a haphazard fashion on the back of the book is bound to confuse lowly reviewers like me. If I had to guess, I’d say that Nik wrote this, B. drew it, and J.C…. was very supportive. There’s also the mention given on the website to some guy named Lou, but I’m not even going to try and track that info down. This is loosely based on an actual band called Expendable Teens or, more accurately, is an excuse to have them battle grandma zombies in comic format, and more power to them for that. All my confusion about who is responsible for what aside, this is still a pretty fun comic. As the Teens get ready for a show, people start to hear odd noises, which turn out to be elderly zombies, always a source of hilarity. A rock and roll fight scene occurs, and that’s about all the room they have in this little comic. It probably won’t cure cancer or anything, but it’s still a good mini for what it is. No hint of a price, of course, but I’d guess a buck or two…