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LeCrone, Dean – Explode



Who loves gag books? Well, if you don’t, this is going to be kind of anti-climactic. If you do love them, this book is for you! It’s teeming with gags, and while some of it may seem a bit dated (Jar Jar Binks being brutally murdered in many different ways, the trials and tribulations of Hanson), it’s mostly a pretty funny collection. In here you have the longest strip ever made about the quest of a young child to have a cookie before dinner. Well, if not the longest strip, definitely the most violent. There are also comics about a vanity ass, the biggest zit in the world, letting the terrorists win, an old woman trapped in a car, Insane Joe, wacky old people, all of the ways that television has affected us throughout history, and a 63 year old pregnant lady. Oh, and it’s all completely disgusting. Seriously, there’s all kinds of nasty crap in here, so don’t blame me if your kid sees this laying around and ends up scarred for life. Keep this stuff away from the kids! What kind of parent are you? Anyway, it’s funny, it’s jam-packed full of stuff, and it’s $3. Contact info is up there, what are you waiting for?