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Forker, Nick – Eyeland #1

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Eyeland #1

Quick, how much do you relate to the sample strip? Just checking to see how much we have in common, and I’m asking as somebody who’s been known to toss my phone across the room rather than stop reading (onto a bed or pile of clothes; it’s not like I’m made of money). This is a collection of strips that are mostly about Nick (as portrayed by a giant eyeball), and it looks like he both has plans to do this monthly and, if his Instagram page is correct, is already up to #6. Which is amazing, if that’s true; for all I know they’re just prospective issue covers. Anyway! The first strip is a full page recap of the first few months of 2020. Awful as that year was, even I had forgotten some of the horrors he mentions here. The strip also just kind of… ends, which was odd, but it was still terrifying/funny. There’s a lot of covid stuff in here, rightfully so, and it appears to be broken down into daily three panel strips and weekly (maybe?) full page strips. I do wish that he’d listed the dates on all the strips, but I’m a weirdo like that and doubt that anybody else would notice. It mostly stood out because the two strips where he went to heaven were interrupted by a full page strip about a different subject entirely. Other subjects include life in New York, his art, maybe starting a business and, like I said, a whole lot of covid. There’s plenty of insightful and/or funny stuff in here, although I worry about keeping up this pace on a monthly basis. Then again, he’s maybe banked a lot of strips already, so I should step back and let the man do his thing. Give it a shot, unless you’re really freaked out by a giant eyeball with a human body. $5