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Brandt, F.C. – Bainst #4


Bainst #4

Disclaimer: this book is from 1997 (it’s 12/13/03 right now). However, I got it at SPX this year, so I’m guessing that means it’s still available and the e-mail address is current. This is a pretty fat book for $2, which is another good indication that it’s old. There are a bunch of stories in this one, the largest of which is an argument between two friends about why eating and having sex is just being a slave to your impulses. It’s an interesting story that’s done well. The second biggest story is the one about the little girl meeting the aliens, which was entirely too cute to be in a mini comic with “adult” themes. Other than that there were a few short pieces about chess and a cockroach trying to find enlightenment. Overall it was a good a hodge-podge of stuff, a nice representation of his work all in one package, I have to add that he’s probably gotten better over the years, which makes me confused as to why I haven’t seen more of his stuff. Either that or he’s disappeared completely and I happened to find that last issue of his comic in existence, in which case I’m sorry I wasted your time with a review. Check out the website, maybe it’s still there too…