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Upton, Colin – Famous Bus Rides #1


Famous Bus Rides #1

If you’re thinking “wow, three reviews on Colin with three different titles?  That’s a wide range of stuff!!”, I haven’t even scratched the surface yet.  Keep in mind that he still (as far as I can tell) has a set of 60 minis available for $25, and that deals with at least 12 series, probably more, and the bulk of those have more than one issue.  He’s a man with interests all over the place, although they often do follow roughly the same track, like this one.  Readers of the review for the last issue will probably have a sense for what kind of a guy Colin is (or was back in the day), so the fact that he rides the bus should come as no surprise.  So why not make some comics out of the experience?  This, like most of his minis, is a short book (8 pages), with full page spreads.  In this issue he shows a Sikh woman (who he chose to sit next to out of the hope of avoiding trouble, as he seems to often ride the bus late at night, but wonders about how she saw him), a group of three drunks (or possibly just jerks), the possibility of dealing with a drunk puking, a drooling sleeping man (who he was oddly charmed by, probably just in relation to the other nonsense he saw on the bus), a fender bender and a man who started cursing out loud for no good reason.  It’s a quicker read than some of his more packed comics, but it’s still funny, so what more do you want?  Again, individual issues still seem to be $.40, the set of 60 is $25.