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Cagle, Susie – Favorites



OK, answer this honestly now: do you have a pair of shoes that you wear all the time that, by any honest standard, should have been thrown out ages ago? I’d be willing to bet that even if you don’t have one now, you have at one point in your life. This comic is, as Susie confesses on the cover, ” a sappy autobiographical story about Susie Cagle’s shoes”. She takes us from the day she got her shoes (a gift from her grandma) all the way to… well, today. Not to ruin it or anything, but there is no great moment in here about how she finally realizes that the shoes have to go. She does have a rule about then the shoes have to go (my rule was always “once the soles become detached”), namely, “once you can see a whole toe”, but she manages to get out of that one by using duct tape. In between we get a tour of what exactly the shoes have been through and why exactly they probably should have been tossed ages ago. Even if you’re one of those odd people who throws their shoes out every 6 months or so, there are still more than enough quiet, personal moments in here to make it worth taking a look. It’s $2, or you can get this along with her other minis (which will be up here shortly) for $5.