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Havert, Nik – Agent Z #1 (art by Federico Zumel)


Agent Z #1 (art by Federico Zumel) Now Available! $2.50

Want to get somebody hooked on a title right away? Shoot the main character in the head and leave him for dead. Then shoot him even more, but he just keeps on ticking. Why? What the hell is going on? I’m intrigued for #2 because of all that, so kudos to the crew. This is about an agent and his partner checking out some shady dealings at a lake. One of them gets shot, so the other agent, under fire, leaves him there in the lake. But the isn’t dead, and nobody knows why. Or maybe Agent Z (I’m just guessing that the guy who was shot turns out to be Agent Z) knows and isn’t telling anybody? Like I said, I’m intrigued. Good art, good writing, now all they need to do is keep this thing going so they can make a real story out of it. Worth a look, if you’re into the mystery/espionage stuff…