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Meadows, Caesar – FLUKE Nano-Comic


FLUKE Nano-Comic

The scan’s screwed up for some reason, but you get the idea, right? The comic is in that case, and you’ll be able to see from the sample that the comic is the size of a staple. Hey, he doesn’t call them “nano-comics” for nothing. This one, appropriately enough for the title, was all about trying to convince someone about how comics are a valid artform…actually, I think it’s more about showing someone that they can be a fun and rewarding experience on their own and you don’t have to compare them to prose literature. It’s a bit of the strain on the eyeballs (probably less so if you’re less blind than I am), but it’s a funny little comic. Let’s say $2 just for the neat packaging, contact info is up there, and if you have no idea who this guy is you’re missing out in a big way…