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Brightman, Jason – Frayed Ends #3


Frayed Ends #3

This is one of those comics where it’s hard to say too much about it until the story is over. So, at the risk of sounding like an idiot yet again, I’m not going to let that stop me. The story here is that Paul is a broken man after his long-time girlfriend leaves him, telling him that she never loved him. This is four months after the break-up, mind you. Anyway, he mopes about, stopping for a brief conversation with his female friend Jelayne… and then the series stops being ordinary at all. That’s all in #1, I’m just going one issue because I’m lazy. Paul suddenly sees his imaginary friend from childhood, Edward, and Edward takes him to on trip to find his (Edward’s) heart. By the time this whole thing gets to #3 Jelayne is missing, a mysterious man named Argo has been sent to find her, Paul catches up with his ex and Edward knows where his heart is. What’s remarkable about this series is the imagery. There are floating televisions all over the place in this alternate land that Paul ends up in, along with a robot mayor and a proposition to ban the carrying of concealed sticks. There seems to be a lot planned in this series, which is a good thing, but I can’t find any reference to #4, the last issue of the series. Looks like the website hasn’t been updated this year, and that’s never a good sign. My main problem with this series is that everything, in the first issue at least, seems to happen way too fast. Jason may be fixing that by slowing down and addressing the many strange things that happen, but it’s impossible to tell if he’s going to do that in a satisfactory way until it’s over. A good visual series, at least, and the story is great up to now, as long as the ending doesn’t ruin anything…