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Norhanian, Aaron – Freaky Shit


Freaky Shit

Full disclosure time: Aaron sent me a couple of copies of this comic as “insulation” for the couple of extra copies of Bad Energy he sent along for the comic rental business (still working on it, but holy crap is it taking longer than I thought).  He didn’t think very highly of this comic, in other words, and any negative things I say about it have to be taken with that caveat in mind, along with the fact that it’s from 2006 and he has done substantially better work since.  OK, so what’s it about?  It’s the story of a janitor who’s also an evil genius.  He develops a ray gun that allows him to steal the intelligence from all the smart scientists in his lab, making himself smarter and smarter every time.  What’s the catch?  There are two of them: this ray, once it takes the intelligence of the scientists, turns them into brain-craving zombies (are there any other kind?), and the side effect of all this ray gun activity is a tumor in the head of the janitor.  Oddly, this doesn’t bother the janitor as much as you’d think, but if I say much more about this I’ll spoil every bit of it.  I will say that the ending was clearly one of those “I give up, I have no idea how to finish this” type of things.  It is a fairly amusing comic overall, maybe worth a look if you enjoy the rest of his work, but overall he’s right: this is far from the best thing he’s done.  If you love mad scientists or Aaron’s work give it a look, otherwise I’d suggest some of his more recent work, like Bad Energy.  No price, but judging from his opinion of this book I’d say Aaron would be willing to let you have it for cheap…