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Bostick, Craig – Fuchsia Galactica Summer Special


Fuchsia Galactica Summer Special

One thing Craig has no problem with at all is cover design. That’s just gorgeous. The inside is pretty good too, keeping the “all ages” feel that I talked about in his other book. Not that it’s his only other book or anything, just the only other one that I’ve seen. Fuchsia is apparently an intergalactic singing sensation, so most of the stories in here are based off of that fact. There are also a few stories in here about “Soupy -n- Crackers”, two kids who are so precocious that it’s obnoxious, but I guess it fits the idea of maybe getting kids to read this. Fuchsia’s stories involve her getting tricked into performing with a bunch of star imitators, her cat trying to take over the spotlight, and Fuchsia going on vacation with her manager to Venus. Some pretty funny stuff in here, although if you’re incredibly jaded it might be a bit too sunny for you. Hey, I liked it, and the art is gorgeous. Check out the website for more samples so you know if it’s for you, or just send Craig an e-mail. This one is $3…