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Bostick, Craig – Go-Go Girl #3


Go-Go Girl #3

Another random submission, and it’s another good one. This is the one issue I’ve read, so I’m going to be making a few assumptions here, but the stories are all about one female character and her friends. Apparently she’s horny and drinks alone at bars, everything else is a mystery. Topics dealt with here are hypnotism, child bullies, falling off of bar stools and dates with rock stars. It has an “all ages” feel to it, even with all the drinking and what-not. Probably because it’s a fun read and it extremely good-natured. The art is crisp, the stories are quick and funny, and the layout (look at that cover!) is just incredible. A solid book, I’m looking forward to seeing more. Check out his website or just send him money at: 7 Weld Hill St. #2R, Jamaica Plain, MA 02130.