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Williams, Tom – Hades’ Indecision


Hades’ Indecision

In case you can’t read the top of the cover, the hero of this story is Guston Phillips, Cyclops Cowboy. Guston decides that he wants to free Sisyphos (that’s how he spells it in the comic, although it sure doesn’t look right to me), and spends a lot of time trying to get the man free. Lots of little jokes about Hades and Greek mythology here in general; it’s obvious the man has at least a fair knowledge of the material. An interesting book, and I’m constantly amazed that Thomas is able to keep his book so cheap when they’re so huge, especially with the color covers and all. If you like cyclops and a lil’ baby Achilles, then pick this up for $2! The e-mail address is way up there, just scroll a little bit and you’ll find it…