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Reynolds, Grant – Hot & Cold Running Ghosts


Hot & Cold Running Ghosts

I do believe that Grant has reinvented a genre.  Which comic genre specifically he’s reinvented I’ll leave for the surprise ending of the review, as it sure came as a shock to me after reading the comic.  This is the story of Grant trying to interpret his dreams, drunk-dialing a friend and getting a little too gushy with the praise, and generally trying to pull together bits of his life (if I may interpret his dreams baselessly for just a moment), or at least keep them from crumbling in his hands.  It’s a genuinely brilliant read, from his seamless transition from dreams to reality and back again to his notable lack of whining in a story that could have easily turned self-indulgent.  Really not a comic to be missed, and probably somewhere around $3.  And the kicker to all this?  It’s a diary comic.  Grant removed all the dates and kept it with only a few distinct themes, but this blows out of the water and idea I had about the daily diary format being too constricting.  Clearly there are all sorts of directions to take this genre before dismissing it out of hand…