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Alixopulos, Trevor – Hutjack’d!



Really, what can you say about a book that’s prefaced with “annoying stories” right on the cover? Luckily I liked the book anyway, but where do you go from there? The main story in here is another one of those meandering stories I like so much, this one about a peasant family, a self-absorbed reality show, a self-absorbed celebrity, a ninja bionic suicide jockey (with more than a touch of the old hardboiled detective stories to him), and one of the sleazy check-cashing places. How do they all come together to save Christmas? Well, if you don’t get this I guess you’ll never find out (note: this story has nothing to do with Christmas). After that you have a short piece on whether or not you feel weird right now, and another about a day in the life, the whole life and that one good Sonic Youth song. I thought they had one good album (Daydream Nation), but what do I know? $2