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Mucha, Corinne – I Hate My Mom’s Cat and Other Tails


I Hate My Mom’s Cat And Other Tails

Spoiler alert: if you can draw convincing (or at least amusing) cats, you automatically get a good review from me. It’s just that easy! This is all about Corinne’s hatred of her Mom’s cat, which was picked up right around when she left for college. It’s a fat beast of a thing, which is explained away by saying that it’s “fluffy”, which is also the excuse I use for my fat beast of a cat, so she lost my sympathy right away. The “other tails” mentioned on the cover deal with previous (and now deceased) cats, all of course much better than the current cat, all for different reasons. It’s a great read for people who love cats, or really, for people who hate cats, as the bulk of this book is dedicated to hatred. There’s also has a wonderfully mean-spirited ending that I won’t give away here, because why ruin something like that? $2