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Wilkison, B. – Ex-T (with Nik Havert & J.C. Filer)


Ex-T (with Nik Havert and/or J.C. Filer)

People of the small press comics world, take note: listing the people responsible for the book in such a haphazard fashion on the back of the book is bound to confuse lowly reviewers like me. If I had to guess, I’d say that Nik wrote this, B. drew it, and J.C…. was very supportive. There’s also the mention given on the website to some guy named Lou, but I’m not even going to try and track that info down. This is loosely based on an actual band called Expendable Teens or, more accurately, is an excuse to have them battle grandma zombies in comic format, and more power to them for that. All my confusion about who is responsible for what aside, this is still a pretty fun comic. As the Teens get ready for a show, people start to hear odd noises, which turn out to be elderly zombies, always a source of hilarity. A rock and roll fight scene occurs, and that’s about all the room they have in this little comic. It probably won’t cure cancer or anything, but it’s still a good mini for what it is. No hint of a price, of course, but I’d guess a buck or two…

Filer, J.C. – Untitled



Actually, there is a title on the inside cover, I just can’t read it. You know the gang script you sometimes see plastered on walls in shady neighborhoods? I’m not nearly cool enough to read it, so I’m leaving it untitled. The closest thing I can come up with is “Gaycore”, and chances are that isn’t right. Anyway, how about that comic? There are three different stories in here, with a few pinups mixed in. First up is a crazy man rambling on the street about his time being the champion of the earth fighting martians, among other things. Generally it’s funny stuff, a good start to the comic. Then you have the bulk of the comic, a story that I’m really torn about. It’s a silent tale of a man fighting his way up through floors of various ninjas and monsters. It’s a good concept, but it isn’t pulled off well. For one thing the same page is printed twice in a row two different times, making following the story almost impossible. Then there’s at least one case where the hero gets out of an impossible situation by… who knows, maybe that page got eaten when he copied the wrong page in. I’m torn about the whole thing because the ending of the whole thing is fantastic, nearly making up for the chaos that came before it. Lastly there’s a sword fight on the roof of a comic convention, a decent enough story, but it feels like it’s in the middle of a much larger story without letting the audience in on that fact. There’s plenty here to build on for future issues, that’s for sure, but this one is a bit of an uneven mess. $3