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Fischer, Tim – Glorianna: Sneak Preview (written by J. Kevin Carrier)



Glorianna: Sneak Preview (written by J. Kevin Carrier)

Guess the theme from the cover!  It’s a game I like to play around here occasionally, and this time it’s a pretty easy one.  Glorianna is an aspiring mercenary who decides to go join the war effort.  As she is young and inexperienced she ends up lost, but hears screaming and follows it, what with her looking for adventure and all.  She sees a man being attacked by a dragon, and this preview is mostly the results of that battle.  This isn’t the neatest comic in the world, but I’m going to let that slide because of the “sneak preview” blurb on the cover.  It’s obvious from Tim’s previous work that he’s a gifted artist, although it’s a little baffling that he let that series die out with only one issue.  It sure seemed like he had more in mind for that series, but what do I know?  As for this one, it’s tough to see what he and J. Kevin Carrier have in mind.  A bigger series?  A regular issue and then oblivion?  Or possibly just this preview issue that never leads to an actual issue?  Time will tell.  It’s an OK story, but the Red Sonya concept has been sort of beaten to death, so it’s tough to say if they would be taking the idea in any new directions.  Not with this issue, but it’s mostly one big fight scene.  I’m curious to see more, but am pessimistic.  Check his site, as there’s plenty of stuff up for free, to form an opinion that’s not based on my ramblings.  $1