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Crowther, Jeff – Puppethead #2


Puppethead #2

Here’s something completely different from his last comic (that I saw, anyway). There are two stories in here. The first is about WWII, zombies and the Wild West. It turns out that you can get turned into a zombie just by them touching you. Christ! We’re all doomed! The story didn’t make any logical sense at all, but it was still pretty funny. The second story is about a man trying to give a girl, any girl, a flower. A wordless story about spurned love and crappy girls, how could you go wrong? Not a bad effort at all. It’s probably $2 (I’m basing that on the fancitude of the cover) and worth a look. Contact info is up there…

Crowther, Jeff – Samurai Bowling #2


Samurai Bowling #2

You know what I like? It’s when the creator of a comic tells, in graphic detail, what they’re trying to do with a comic right there at the beginning. Sure, sometimes it’s better to be vague, but you have to love the fact that he admits right away that this book was done solely as an excuse to “draw a teenage samurai girl beat up a bunch of ninjas while working at a bowling alley”. Let me just kill the suspense here and say that he succeeds admirably at that task. It’s a two issue story and I picked #2 to review mostly because it’s bigger and there’s a zombie monkey in it. My only minor complaint was that it looked the second issue was put together in something of a hurry because of a couple of silly spelling and grammatical errors, but when a comic is this much fun I can let things like that slide. There’s also the slim possibility that this kind of thing might get old if all he does is have his samurai beat up ninjas at a bowling alley… nah. Word is that he has a bunch of web comics available at his website, and I swear that I will get some kind of a section for web comics up at some point in the future. I think it’s $1.50 for this one and $1 for the first one, e-mail the guy to get the whole story!