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Various Kitchen Sink anthologies – Flock of Dreamers

Flock of Dreamers

I’ll give you a list of some of the names and you tell me if this is worth your while: Jim Woodring, Pat Moriarity, Robert Crumb, Rick Veitch, David Lasky, Eric Theriault, Jeremy Eaton, and Aleksander Zograf. Granted, there were a few names that I didn’t recognize at all, but there were all kinds of interesting dreams in here. Come on, tell me that you’re not wondering if Jim Woodring’s sleeping mind is as fascinating as his waking one. It’s an odd mix from all over the world and, as with any anthology, some things work and some things don’t, but what this has over the other anthologies is that everything is… unprotected, in a way. Sleeping is out most vulnerable state and everything listed in here is honest, even if some it’s kind of dull. Well worth a look, if only to see what these people dream about…

Eaton, Jeremy – A Sleepy Head Tale


A Sleepy Head Tale

Here’s a little tip from me to you from the world of comics. If something has a Jim Woodring introduction, the very least you can expect out if is that it’s going to be unique. This book is no exception. It kinds of defies description though. On the surface it a one page newspaper strip with weekly misadventures and the obligatory punch lines. Dig a little bit though and you have the world laid open at your feet and picked apart. Not much here flows into each other. You could probably open to any random page and enjoy it just as much as any other, which can be refreshing after seeing so many continuing stories. The protagonist, Sleepy, hates the world and doesn’t mind telling you about it. He never gets his way though, and maybe that’s the point. Or maybe not, I’m not much into finding the “point” of books. It odd, original, and thoroughly engaging, that much I know for sure. It’s cheap too, so why don’t you read and try to come up with a better description?