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Various Kitchen Sink anthologies – Flock of Dreamers

Flock of Dreamers

I’ll give you a list of some of the names and you tell me if this is worth your while: Jim Woodring, Pat Moriarity, Robert Crumb, Rick Veitch, David Lasky, Eric Theriault, Jeremy Eaton, and Aleksander Zograf. Granted, there were a few names that I didn’t recognize at all, but there were all kinds of interesting dreams in here. Come on, tell me that you’re not wondering if Jim Woodring’s sleeping mind is as fascinating as his waking one. It’s an odd mix from all over the world and, as with any anthology, some things work and some things don’t, but what this has over the other anthologies is that everything is… unprotected, in a way. Sleeping is out most vulnerable state and everything listed in here is honest, even if some it’s kind of dull. Well worth a look, if only to see what these people dream about…

Woodring, Jim – Jesus Delivers (with David Lasky)


Jesus Delivers (with David Lasky)

It makes me sad to think that Jim Woodring is hardly doing anything with comics these days. I understand the reasoning, as there’s no money in it, but his comics were like nothing else in this world and it sucks to not see a new one every six months or so. This is an old mini (1996) about a missionary trying to convert a young boy, which is then followed by the parents trying to explain how things really are to the kid. Great stuff, as a rant about the evils of Christianity is always a welcome thing. And who knew that Jesus was in charge of the post office? A measly dollar is all this is, and if you’re like me and already have everything Jim Woodring has done, this is a welcome sight.