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Cornella, Joan – Zonzo

Website (of some strips, his website isn’t working as of this date)


Sometimes you really can judge a book by its cover! Eh, sort of, anyway. If you find that cover image horrifically offensive and want to immediately write a letter to the editor, any editor, you should quit reading right now, because that’s one of the least offensive strips in the book. Joan’s strips are (almost) all single page silent strips, each filled with vibrant colors, and each at least mildly horrifying. Oh, and hilarious. Did I mention that part yet? The theme, if I could even hope to assign a theme, is mostly escalating madness. Things seem slightly off in the first panel, we pull back to see that it’s even worse than that in the second panel, the third panel might begin to drag the reader back to sanity before the fourth panel completely blows that away. And there are usually still two panels left at that point. Picking a sample image took longer than usual, mostly because so many of them are so funny and/or alarming. Again, it’s probably one of the tamer strips in here. Multiple babies die in here, and it’s played for laughs every time. On a personal note, the local library system here has this book in their catalog because I recommended it (anybody can do it, it’s not like I’m the master librarian for Columbus Ohio), so I feel pretty good about warping some minds. If you liked this strip (or any of the strips in the website link), give this book a shot. It’ll mess with your head, but what’s wrong with that? $14.99