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Bintz, John – A Moment of Clarity Book 1


A Moment of Clarity Book 1

If you’ve read enough of this website, you’ll know that I’ve talked before about the line with all-ages comics between being adorable in a good way and being so adorable that start to feel a bit nauseous after a few pages. The art in this one, unfortunately, is an example of the latter case. Every character perpetually looks like they’ve been hit right between the eyes (if any of them had any space between their eyes, I guess) with a 2X4. As always, this is just the way I see it and I’m sure plenty of people find this level of cuteness perfectly acceptable. It’s meant to be an all-ages book too, so a certain level of cuteness is acceptable. I just thought it went way over that line. OK, enough about the art. What about the rest of the comic? Well, that contributes more than a little bit to the cuteness factor, but not too terribly much. It’s all about an 11 year old as he deal with siblings, girls, school, dealing with a bully and being a bully himself. I don’t think I would have been able to call my parents “Mommy” and “Daddy” at that age to my friends without getting teased mercilessly, but maybe John grew up in a different time. All in all a decent book, probably a lot better if you have children and/or aren’t quite as cynical as I am… $8