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Linsner, Joseph Michael – I Love New York


I Love New York

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’ve been getting entirely too many of these 9/11 benefit books. I’m curious to see how the artists I admire reacted to that day, naturally, but I’m even getting stuff from people I never heard of, like this guy. Maybe I’m looking for some feeling of closure, or maybe I’m waiting for somebody to explain the whole thing and have it make sense, I honestly have no idea. Anyway, this one is by a cartoonist who apparently specializes in drawing half-naked women (click on the link on the title, you’ll see what I mean). Not that that’s a bad thing, and I haven’t read anything by the guy, so I’m not going to start making fun of him. His regular stuff doesn’t look like anything I’d be interested in and, until I hear differently, I’m not going to check it out. What about this one, is it worth getting? Eh, I don’t know. Here’s possibly the worst line ever in a comic, and that’s saying a lot: “I heard thousands of human voices meeting their ends, like human cold cuts in a concrete sandwich of death”. Um… yeah. The only reason I didn’t stop reading it right then is because the line was from a story somebody told him, so at least he didn’t make it up. All of these comics about that day are at least fascinating to see all the things that happened to all the different people, how they all learned about the events, how they tried to find their family, or made a connection with their family after many years simply because this happened. If you’re interested in that type of stuff, get this. It has a great afterward too, something that I didn’t think was possible for whatever reason. Wishy-washy review #941, but there you go. It’s hard to criticize something this heartfelt, even if it does come across as cheesy at times. Go to his homepage, maybe you can find something you like.