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McKenna, Dave – Kozmowstraduh #4


Kozmowstraduh #4

Looks like Dave has abandoned any kind of spelling consistency on his title, and as long as he keeps making comics as thoroughly entertaining as this one I couldn’t care less.  There are times when I just want to say a comic was frickin’ awesome and leave it at that, and this is one of those times. This is a wordless mini involving a half-naked young woman living in a savage land. She is attacked by a terrifying creature, escapes briefly before being attacked by a Jim Woodring fever dream.   Yes, I know that Jim Woodring doesn’t own the trademark to all odd characters, but it’s hard not to think about him when things get really out there, and I hope it’s obvious that I mean that as the highest form of compliment possible. A mysterious stranger helps her out, they are attacked by an even stranger cast of characters, and the chase is on.  I’d love to ruin the rest of the comic, but my “no spoilers” policy is holding me back.  If I had some kind of “star” ratings system for these reviews this one would have 80, which is why I don’t have a rating system of any kind; I’m too prone to hyperbole.  Still, this is one ridiculously entertaining comic, and if you’ve heard about this Dave McKenna fella in the past and don’t know where to start checking out his stuff, start with this one.  If you don’t like this there’s no point in going on to the rest of his comics, or any other comics, or life in general.  See what I mean about being prone to hyperbole?  And all this for a measly $1!

McKenna, Dave – Kosmostrator #1


Kosmostrator #1 Now Available! $2

Here’s a pretty good random mini I picked up at SPX. Three stories in this one. The first is by far the best of the bunch, a break-neck retelling of, um, a blimp fight. Great stuff, worth the price ($2) right there. Then there’s the story of a movie shoot where a robotic dinosaur comes alive and starts killing people. Hey, I don’t know how you could possibly go wrong with a good robotic dinosaur fight. Then there’s “Secret Pornographer”, and I don’t get it. Maybe that ending will make sense to me at 3 in the morning tonight, in which case I’ll be sure to update the site again with my revised opinion, but right now it didn’t do much for me. Had to hunt down the contact info, as there was nothing in the book, but here’s an e-mail address. Check it out, it’s worth it.