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O’Moore, L. – Mistakes and Regrets


Mistakes and Regrets

It’s a flip book, you see, so instead of picking a cover I just went with both of them. One half is the story of a boy, the other half is the story of a girl, and they’re dating. The problem is that the girl is moving away, the boy has made some mistakes in the relationship and he’s not sure if saying “sorry” is still going to cut it. It’s tiny, as they both get around six pages to tell their side of things, and it’s not complete until you read both halves. That’s obvious, I know, but it’s told in a way that’s almost completely one-sided for each person, so reading the first half of the story (which is whichever one you want it to be, I guess) only makes a little bit of sense. It’s a neat concept once you read the whole thing, but kind of annoying at the moment that you’re only halfway through. Contact info is up there, again with the pence, let’s call it $1.50 because of the smallness…

O’Moore, L. – Monstrum Horrendum #2


Monstrum Horrendum #2

Who doesn’t like mermaids? In theory, anyway. This is a comic about a crew of people who are on the lookout for mermaids. There’s a captain, scientist, big game hunter, legendary fisherman and a “fish-boy”. They do a bit of research about the phenomenon of mermaids and then set off to look for them. I can’t exaplin why, but this comic resembles nothing to me as much as an old episode of Johnny Quest, and I barely even watched that show. The story is the same basic thing as that of The Sirens from ye olde Greek mythology, at least in parts. Good stuff most of the time, although how you get that huge underwater gear on in time to save somebody from drowning is beyond me. It’s, oh, let’s say $3 (I don’t know from pence), here’s a website for the author.