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Simmons, Lance – Speak.



Sometimes it’s easy as hell for me to ramble on about a book for the length of a review, and at times I have no idea what to say. Guess which one this one is? This book has ten one page strips involving a robot talking to a skeleton head, mostly about the deeper meaning of things and the weight of the world. Or not, it wasn’t all that clear to me. Not bad, and I love the design of the book (there’s a see-through cover with the word bubble on it, the other pictures are on the first page), but there’s not much here to recommend either. So what you’re getting out of me is an “eh”, basically. He might have great stuff out there besides this or he might not, but this is the kind of thing you’d probably enjoy a lot more once you’ve seen what else he’s done. E-mail him to order it, I’d imagine it’s a buck or two.

Youngblood, David (editor) – Typewriter #4


Typewriter #4

Before I get started, let me make one thing completely clear: this book is beautifully done. I don’t know if you can tell from that scan or not, but the cover was completely hand-sewn for each issue, with a different pattern on each cover. The toughest part about buying it was deciding which cover I liked the most. David couldn’t even tell me how long it took to put an issue together because he said it was a process that had many steps. That’s dedication, folks. I should also mention that his girlfriend (?) Nami Biggs designed it. Anyway, the actual comic. It’s good stuff, an anthology with a couple familiar names and a couple of unfamiliar ones. Really, if the pages were all blank I’d still say that you should buy this for the cover alone, but the stories range from good to great. I think I might have misjudged Dylan Williams too, if the one issue I read was a tiny part of a much greater whole like this story suggests. Hey, I’ll change my opinion when I read more of them, OK? David’s story is the longest in this volume and is projected to be much longer. It’s good so far, but I like seeing the whole thing with stories like that. Other names include Chris Wright, Scott McKibben, Jonathon Russell, Michael Bonfiglio, Michael Hall, Carrie Golus. and Lance Simmons. Contact info for all is included and, seriously, get a copy of this. You won’t regret it. E-mail David, I’ve heard that #5 is out now too.