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Abadzis, Nick – Landscape of Possibilities


Landscape of Possibilities

Flip books are one of my favorite things as far as comics are concerned, but I hate to review ’em. Just a matter of not knowing how to categorize, so don’t mind me. The other half of this is Net Result by Paul Peart-Smith, and I’ll get to that in the next couple of days. As for this one, there are two pieces in here by Nick. Am I allowed to call a comic “wordless” if the main character never speaks but there are words literally all over the place? Well, I’m going to anyway. In the first wordless tale, a young man is just trying to find his place in the world when he finds a home. Things are more complicated than they appear, but I’m not giving away more than that. The second story is a couple of friends watching tv when one of them realizes how stupid the whole thing is and tries to find something better. These are, of course, just my interpretations of wordless stories, so I could be completely wrong. Maybe they’re both about the wonders of the Republican Party and I’m just missing the subtleties, but I’m betting against that. Good stuff from Nick, as always. Contact info is up there, I’ll review the other half of this in a few days or so…