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Madson, Justin – Laundry Day


Laundry Day

This year at SPACE I bailed out on my usual “der, which issue did I read last?” confusion and just went with a stand-alone issue. This one is about a man named Jordan having a hard time getting over the loss of his love, Elle. He’s able to see Elle (after a long journey) but resolving thing between them is a different matter. A good chunk of this is taken from the Orpheus myth, or is at least Justin’s interpretation of said myth.  I mention this purely so I can sound more literate, of course. Also, I know it’s financially impossible for most people, but if you can ever get the money together to put out a book in full color, do so. This book is absolutely stunning, in no small part due to the coloring. $5 for a quick read might seem like a little much, but this is the kind of thing you’d want to leave out on a coffee table to show off. Well worth a look.