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Connor, Leighton; Albert, Samantha; Connor, Abigail – The Electric Team #2



The Electric Team #2

Parents who are reading this, you must love comics or you wouldn’t be here, right? Maybe you’ve already figured this out, but what’s the best way to get your kids interested in comics at a young age? Why not help them write the comic that you’re putting out together? That’s the case here, and don’t fret, it’s a solid story even for non-parents like me. And frankly, Abigail’s art on page 4 (she drew one of the characters, but it made sense in the context of the comic) is better than what I could do already. If you’re curious, the whole family did the story, Leighton did the script, and Samantha did the art (except for page 4). So what about that story? We start off with a flashback to the character on the cover from when he was a kid, and how he dreamed of growing up and becoming a hero. We then switch back to his modern day perspective, and how being a hero in real life isn’t as great as he thought it would be. From there we meet the whole crew of adventurers and get a little insight into where at least a few of them came from, although I don’t think it was ever made clear where exactly they were headed. Or it was made clear in the first issue, but I only got the second issue at SPACE this year, so that’s on me. It’s an eclectic bunch, and we see them run into some creepy (but somehow still cute) pandas with bat wings along with what looks to be the big villain of the piece. I’m curious about that team, how they all came together and how they’re going to get out of their current jam, which I think means that the comic was successful. And how could you not support a comic made entirely by a family? That’s just a wonderful thing. Check it out, help make sure this kid retains her current love of comics! $4


Connor, Leighton – Esoterica #2


Esoterica #2

One of these days I’ll learn that trying to keep track of a story when I only see a new issue once a year is an iffy proposition at best. Maybe if I had any kind of order to my comic piles I’d be able to grab back issues… but I digress, as I usually do. If you read the review for #1, you’ll see that I thought this had a lot of potential, so has that been realized here? Well, sort of, but this is obviously a long story, and it’s one of those cases where I’m not going to be sure about that until it’s over. In this one most of the characters from the last issue find themselves in an alien universe, with a handy-dandy guide to let them know a lot of the important facts about the place. There’s an alien on the planet who needs to sacrifice them to his god in order to save his people, and (not to give anything away), I’m REALLY intrigued by the god, who we do get to see. Other than that, the art is solid, the writing is fine (although some of the dialogue isn’t great), and I’m still cautiously optimistic as to where this whole thing is heading. Contact info is up there, this one’s $3!

Connor, Leighton – Robots (with Alice Connor)


Robots (written by Alice Connor)

You pretty much can’t go wrong with a comic about robots (monkeys and zombies also fit this description), and this comic is no exception.The first part of this is about the sibling rivalry between robots, with all sorts of robotic mayhem and torture thrown in. The second part is a look at the current robots in the world (except fictional) with nostalgic commentary about the good old days of robots. I should also mention that according to the inside cover of this thing only 25 of these were made, so you might want to hurry if you’re curious. A pretty solid effort overall, the robot mayhem and the “historical” piece make for a nice contrast. That being said, now that he’s had his fun with the robots, get back to work on Esoterica! Damned artists getting me hooked on a series only to go long periods of time between issues… $1

Connor, Leighton – Esoterica #1


Esoterica #1 (Leighton Connor only)

Here’s an odd story about catching fairies. Um, maybe I should explain a bit more than that. There’s a class at the local college called “Esoterica”. It’s meant to teach all sorts of odds and ends, with the first assignment being that everyone has to catch a pixie. The cast of characters is six people, all of whom we see in some form or another, which serves to go a long way to set these characters up. I don’t know if this is going to end up being some sort of X-Files style mystery show, with different odd things going on each issue, or where this is headed, but it has potential. My problem is that’s where my feelings of this are: that it has potential. I don’t know if it was the complete lack of backgrounds, or maybe just the fact that he’s taking his time setting up the characters and the story so there’s not supposed to be a big “hook” this time around. Either way, I’m not sold that this is a great thing, but it sure could end up there. Great cover, anyway, that’s for sure. It’s $3, send an e-mail to see if this guy is planning on taking over the world or what.

Connor, Leighton – Fuzzball and Scuzzball! #1


Fuzzball and Scuzzball! #1

Ew, that’s not that color of the cover. Oh well, you can always count on my scanner to reinterpret things. The actual comic was a lot funnier than I thought it would be. Which just goes to show how stupid it is to have preconceptions in the completely random world of mini comics, I guess. I figured that a comic based on two blobs would mean that the artists couldn’t draw their way out of the proverbial paper bag and that their storytelling skills probably wouldn’t be far behind. Happy to say that I was way off. This was a collection of shorter stories and the funny parts were actually funny. What more can you ask for? Oh, and if you’re wondering, you can tell the two blobs apart because they have their corresponding letters on their bodies. And Scuzzball is a real prick, making the letters unnecessary, mostly. Stories in here include Scuzzball corrupting Fuzzball’s gay friend, their (the two main characters, that is) quest for an evil totem, and Scuzzball corrupting a nun. It’s $3 and mostly funny, so feel free to e-mail the folks responsible and check it out.