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Purvis, Leland – Pubo #2


Pubo #2

Looks like I’ll be getting these every year or so, just in time to forget what I read in the previous issue. Luckily my old review is right up there. This one picks up where #1 left off, with Pubo on the run from his captors and an angry bear. All the animals in the forest are betting on his death, and it’s a good setup for the last issue, which will probably answer a few questions. This one shows a bit more of his captors and a tiny bit more of the mysterious man in the forest. Looks like everybody is out to get Pubo, so of course there’s more there than it seems. Yes, I should have gotten the last issue so I could have had a more informed review of this one, but I’m not made of money. It’s an interesting story, and my fear of him “just spouting catch phrases” was pretty far off the mark. Don’t know if Dark Horse is ever going to put this all out in one volume, but I think they’re all still available at Leland’s website. $3.50 seems a bit steep, but what are you going to do?

Purvis, Leland – Pubo #1


Pubo #1

Here’s another one of those random buys of mine. I don’t get much from Dark Horse since Sin City stopped coming out and Paul Chadwick stopped doing anything of note with Concrete, so I usually only take a cursory glance through their page for pre-orders. I saw this sitting there and it looked interesting, and that’s more than enough chit-chat out of me about meaningless crap. I swear, maybe I should hire an editor or something… Anyway, Pubo. The first issue is apparently going to set up a larger story, as we are only given a few tidbits about the creature. We’re not even sure that he’s human yet, although he seems to be an altered man. The story starts with some people transporting Pubo back from Tokyo to the U.S. You can see on the cover that he escapes, so I’m not giving anything away. From there it gets even stranger, with Pubo talking to all kinds of forest creatures and a strange man who offers to help, but only in the cryptic, useless way that smart people always seem to offer in stories. It’s a good little story, although Pubo seems like the type to possibly degenerate into a character that does nothing but shout catch phrases, so here’s hoping it’s not headed that way. Worth a look, although you might be better off waiting for the whole thing to come out so you can read it all at once. Here’s his website, find out more about the guy, won’t you?

Goldman, Steven – Styx Taxi: A Little Twilight Music

Steven’s blog (that seems to have little to nothing to do with comics)

Styx Taxi: A Little Twilight Music

You know, when I got this issue, I thought that there was no way it could work. An anthology issue, with three different artists? Already? There’s only been one regular issue! It seems that the creative team is busy doing different projects, which is fine, but if this is your main thing, you have to spend the time and effort to get it off the ground first! Then I read the comic, and it turns out that they can wander around and take their time if they want to, as they still have plenty of ideas. The first story (Goldman & Dan Goldman) in here is an unspoken tribute about the taxi crew on 9/11, trying to keep up with the dead. The second (Elizabeth Genco & Leland Purvis) is about Charon’s habit of enjoying a street musician perform and his inability to ever leave the taxi. The third (Goldman & Rami Efal) is about babies having babies, with a little death thrown in. The first two were fascinating stories, no problem there, but the third was a bit of a mess and hard to follow. Still, good stuff all together, and this universe gets more interesting all the time. $3, contact info is up there.