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King, David – Lemon Styles


Lemon Styles

Huzzah for a comic that’s too big for my scanner! These images have been lovingly pilfered from other websites, including David’s, where you can read most of these strips for free. Or maybe all of them? Maybe all of them and more? Yeah, I think it’s that last one. Anyway, this collection has a few dozen of his four panel strips that can be read in any order (as David mentions a few times) along with a longer piece that’s meant to be read in sequential order. It might have made more sense to put all like things together instead of breaking them up with the sequential piece, just like it might have made sense to put page numbers on the strips when he refers to one of them by its page number in the end, but what do I know. These strips are damned difficult to describe to somebody who hasn’t read any of them, and I recommend that you go do that now. Some are funny, some are sad, some seem to make no point whatsoever until you let it rattle around in your brain for a bit and finally hit upon the meaning, but all of them have that special something to them that makes a good comic. No, I still don’t know how to describe that something, 11 years or so into my ramblings about comics, and that’s fine with me. Subjects in here include that long tube, a 40 year old eyelash, a dusty moth, a chaotic drone, a chemical that inhibits emotions, the future of murder, how can it be you if it’s not you, being boring, and learning to play an instrument. Sort of, anyway, and you’ll see what I mean when you finally read some of these for yourself, which you should have already done when I mentioned it earlier in the review, unless you prefer to finish things that you start reading instead of getting distracted in the middle. That makes sense. $9