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Williams, Tom – Looking at the Front Door (written by Sean McKeever)


Looking at the Front Door (written by Sean McKeever)

I honestly can’t remember if I’ve ever read any of the Marvel comics that Sean wrote, but this is a good first issue of his “mini comics line”. It’s the story of a man who feels trapped in a smothering relationship (so says the website and it seemed concise enough for me to rip it off), wondering what he can do to change. But then, there are always the good moments to think about too, right? Even when you can feel a relationship on its last legs, it can be damn near impossible to forget about all the wonderful things that bring two people together, and that’s the problem here. It’s a poignant and true theory. I like the fact that the guy’s sick of the situation he’s in but doesn’t have any easy answers on how to change it. At $3 it’s kind of expensive for how short of a book it is, but at least the cover looks great. If you’ve ever been in a relationship, you should check this book out.