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Various Anthologies – Kramers Ergot #2


Kramers Ergot #2

Well, this anthology sure looks great. Fantastic design, great cover… it’s too bad that the inside is spotty. Luke Quigley provides a bright spot with his story of a snowman with balls, and Justin Howe steals the show with his “Frankenstein Underwater”. Great story, funny as hell. Everything else was either just OK or… not. I almost think it’s worth it for the look of the book alone and the few great stories. A lot of potential, don’t get me wrong, just nothing to get excited about. Anyway. I get the feeling that #4 or 5 of this series is going to be fantastic, but until then you have to deal with the problem that exists with most anthologies. It’s great at times and hardly worth reading at others, you just have to figure out if you don’t mind taking the bad with the good. Here’s a list of contributors, minus the ones I already mentioned: Dan Longfellow, Sammy Harkham, and David Brook. E-mail them to see what they have out out just send $5 per issue to: P.O. Box 2316 Beverly Hills, CA 90213-2316.