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French, Renee – Marbles In My Underpants


Marbles in my Underpants

I’ll post a full review of this later, as it is possibly the single most disturbing collection of comics that I’ve ever seen. With an introduction by Jim Woodring (who is probably my single favorite living artist today), this thing starts off bizarre and just gets weirder. Buy it, you absolutely, positively won’t regret it. Note from 3/1/02: I may or may not review this at any point in the near future, as I’m still recovering from the last time I read this, so here’s what “to stew in one’s one juice” means, from A Hog on Ice and Other Curious Expressions: To suffer the consequences of one’s own act. This, or its variant, ” to fry in one’s own grease'”, is very old. In the latter form it appears in a thirteenth-century tale of Richard the Lion-Hearted, and there is a French equivalent, cuire dans son jus, It is presumable that the older expression, at least, was originally literal; one fried in his own grease when, having committed some act punishable by such means, was burned at the stake.