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Barrett, Philip – Matter Summer Special


Matter Summer Special Now Available! $5

Huzzah for no panels! OK, so the title page has panels, but the entire comic is free of panels, just images floating in a structureless background. Don’t panic, all you lovers of panels, it’s perfect for the story. This is the tale of two friends, one of which has no higher goal in life than to relax and get high, the other who is trying to “grow up” and fit in at his normal job. Sadly, the pot runs out, leading Whitey White (can you guess which one that is from the cover?) to order drugs online. Said drugs end up being a sort of dimensional portal and things get complicated in a hurry, with a giant corporation, another world, and a strongman enforcer all coming into the picture. Any more info ruins what is truly a great ride, as following all the steps in interdimensional travel and what allows people to travel and why is at the heart of the book. It’s a great book all around, and I have no idea what else Philip has done (although he does pop up on the enormous Various page), but if this is his first book the man can certainly go places. If it’s not his first book he probably already has gone places and I’m just the last to hear about it…