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Silva, Rick & Stella, Glen – Zephyr & Reginald: Minions For Hire #2


Zephyr & Reginald: Minions For Hire #2

OK, comics nerds: who out there can point out what that cover is in reference to? Probably a good chunk of you (I know I can). It doesn’t have a thing to do with the actual content, but a great cover nonetheless. In this issue the two minions need to find a new job, what with Cold Shoulder being behind bars, and land with a guy named Stuart Despot (or Dr. Despot, as he prefers to be known). Due to the nature of the comic Dr. Despot isn’t left with a whole lot to do here other than play the straight man to the two minions, who are secretly trying to keep the guy from blowing up the world. There’s also a nice bit about how the two of them help ‘Lectric Lass escape a couple of times and end up as drinking buddies. And did I mention the bit about the mostly nonfunctional and unarmed giant robot? Plenty of funny stuff in here, here’s hoping these two are able to get together more often and crank a few of these out. It shouldn’t be too difficult, seeing as how they’re married to each other and all…$3.50

Silva, Rick & Stella, Glen – Zephyr & Reginald: Minions For Hire #1


Zephyr & Reginald: Minions for Hire #1

Who says that books have to be about the flashy characters to be interesting? This one is about the two cover characters, Zephyr and Reginald, and their dealings with their evil boss, Cold Shoulder. Cold Shoulder is trying to throw the world into a permanent ice ago, but Zephyr and Reginald aren’t particularly interested in helping, or at least they’re not after the shabby way they’re treated by their evil boss. If you’re looking for things exploding, stay far away from this one. But if you’re looking for a (mostly) funny parody of the almost completely invisible minions in the superhero books, well, here you go. Also included are the best ending fight scene ever (witnessed entirely through a pair of binoculars and described by Reginald), the Legion of Good Girls, and the fact that these characters are apparently going to come out as gay in the next issue (according to the preview), even though at least one of them wants to see girls in skimpy costumes. About the only problem here is that all the panels are still, meaning that not much is going on in terms of action, but when that’s kind of the point of the comic, what is there to complain about? Contact info is up there, this one is $3.50…