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Bliss, Pam – Moab




So I finally got a chance to have a long conversation with Pam at SPACE (2013), and it’s official: there’s no need for me to keep putting “Kekionga #___” in the title. Our long national nightmare is over! Oh right, nobody ever thinks about such things besides me. Well, it is at least a little bit useful to point out that this is #38, mostly because most other creators never make it even close to that number in their comics series, but it’s not relevant in a continuity sense. Anyway, this time around we have the werewolf lady, Mr. Swann and Ms. Ginsberg (she also said she’d think about putting a character guide in her comics, as it is quite a cast of characters to keep track of) opening a strange door with a skeleton key. Why? For an adventure, of course! They use the tracking skills of the wolf lady to get to the center of the hedge maze that was behind the door, and it’s there that they find the skeleton of a moab. As luck would have it they stumbled across a saddle earlier that looked like it just might fit that skeleton, and that’s when the crazy stuff starts happening. There’s a cowboy, and way too much sunlight, and no sunglasses for the moab, and too much for me to get into here without spoiling the whole thing. It’s another fun little comic, and the level of detail that she puts into these things is still impressive for the amount of them that she’s able to produce. $1