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Brown, Bryan G. – Monsters of MMA


Monsters of MMA

Who out there remembers Bryan’s first comic? It was called “First Fight” and it featured the real life account of Bryan’s first mixed martial arts fight. It had drama, tension and a perspective that us small press comics folks don’t see very often. This comic has little or nothing to do with all of that. It’s set at an undetermined point in the future and, as you can see from that cover, the fighters aren’t all that human. Whether or not you’ll enjoy this comic hinges on a simple question: are you looking for something resembling a sequel to “First Fight,” or are you just looking for some violent mayhem? If it’s mayhem you’re after, this one has it in spades. The guy on the left of that cover is a zombie that can regenerate after eating some brains. The guy on the right is covered in spikes and can apparently produce even more spikes at will. Who do you pick to win that one? Whichever one it is, again, if you’re looking for carnage you’ve come to the right place. The art is fantastic, as the violence is depicted as real and brutal stuff (if mildly cartoonish because of the nature of the fighters). The writing is good too, but this does mostly cover a fight, so there’s nothing all that fancy about it. I liked it, although I am genuinely curious to see how the rest of his actual time in MMA went and wouldn’t mind a follow-up to “First Fight.” It’s not for the squeamish, but it’s worth a look if you’re a fan of the MMA stuff and want to see how it would theoretically look in the distant future. $4