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Meadows, Caesar – Mumbeaux Gumbo #2


Mumbeaux Gumbo #2

I’ve gotten a lot of comics since I started this site, and I’ve read a lot of comics since I started at age 11. Nothing I’ve seen reaches the sheer ingenuity that Caesar manages with these comics that he calls “Micro Comix”. It’s his dream that these comics will one day be all over the place. Thrown off of floats in parades, in gumball machines, everywhere. I’d love to see that happen at some point. It has also been tough on me, from time to time, to pick which issue I should review from a certain creator. That has never been tougher than this time. I picked this one because it’s one one of the few that’s close to “normal size”, even though that concept seemed increasingly insignificant as I read more of his books. I’ve said it a lot of times by now, but Caesar really deserves all your money. He handcrafts all of these tiny books (the comics are inside the robot and other things that you see up there, and everything looks incredible) so there’s a very finite number of copies out there. He has a weekly strip in a New Orleans paper, and I’m pretty sure it’s those strips that he shrinks down into microcomix format. The comics (haven’t even gotten to them yet, have I?) are consistently funny and inventive, the art is crisp and fantastic, and the packaging obviously won me over immediately. What are the comics about? This one has a bunch of his microcomix combined in one issue, so it’s probably the best starting point for those of you who are broke. Let’s see… you have drunk Santa, the real “Superbowl”, cloned foods, ravers watching snuff films, beads, the year 2002, and a hypnotized superhero. Go to his website right away and see what I’m talking about. I’d recommend the robot, or maybe the pyramid, or any of the boxes… pretty much, everything, which is of no use to you, the discerning consumer, but I mean it. Throw some money at him and see what you get back in return. Meanwhile, he’s jumped immediately onto my list of comics favorites. The pictures below are actual size. The one on the left is from this issue, the one on the right is a random sampling of some of the other stuff that he sent me. You can see clearly that the comics are barely twice the size of a staple…